8 New Editions
Eenadu has Launched Eight new editions
With Eight new printing centres in Mahaboobnagar, Ongole, Khammam, Nizamabad (all in AP), Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi.Eenadu ensures that the Telugu reader in these places will now receive the latest news at the crack of dawn. With a special focus on local news coverage.
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Program Categories for March' 2008

  * COLGATE FRESH -STARWAR 2 Sun 7.30pm-8.30pm
Category-I @ Rs 14,500 /10 sec  * Aada Pilla M0n- Fri8 pm - 8.30pm
* VODAFONE - Jhumandi Naadam Sat 7.30 pm.-8.30pm
Subhalekha Mon-Fri 8.30pm -9pm
Category-II @ 12,500 / 10 sec
FIAMA DI WILLS - Super Duper Fri 9.30pm - 10.30pm
Chakrateerdham Sat& Sun 7pm - 7.30pm
Highlights of Smile Raja (concludes on 11.03.08) Mon- Thu 9:30-10pm
Mom (movie of the month) Last Sunday 12 pm onwards
Night News(21:00) All Days 9pm - 9.30pm
Category-III @ 9,500 / 10 sec
Bandham  Mon-fri 2pm -2.30 pm
Bujji - Bujji Babu Sun 8.30 pm - 9pm
Chandramukhi Mon-Fri 7pm-7.30pm
Intitoko Katha Mon-fri 3.30pm-4pm
Jeevitham Sat 8.30pm-9pm
Mahilalu Maharanulu mon-fri1pm-2pm
Manasu Chooda Tarama Mon-7.30pm-8pm
Padmavyuham Mon-Thu 10pm-10.30pm
Simle rani Smile (w.e.f.12.04.08) Sat 7.30pm-8.30pm
Repeat of Event Highlights/Telefilms (w.e.f.12.03.08) Mon-Thu 9.30pm-10pm
Sat Aft.Films Sat 12pm-3pm
Sat Aft.Films Sat 4pm-7pm
Sri Bhagavatham Sun 9.30am - 10.30am
Sun Aftn.Films Sun12pm-3.15pm
Sun Even.Films Sun 3.45pm -7pm
Vikramarks Sun9.30pm - 10.30pm
Category-IV @ 6,500 / 10 sec
* KNORR Sat 3pm-3.30pm
* SUPERIA Mon-Fri 6.30pm-7pm
Koyila Mon-Thu 10.30pm-11pm
Mahalakshmi Mon-fri 12.30pm-1pm
Merupu Kalalu Mon-Fri 4.30pm-5pm
Morning Films mon-fri 9am-12pm
Naata Ratnalu Sat 10.30am-11am
Panchatantram Sun 9am-9.30am
Prema mandiram Mon-Fri 3pm-3.30pm
Sat Night Films Sat 9.30pm onwards
Sireesha Mon-Fri 4pm-4.30pm
Tarangini Mon-Fri 2.30pm-3pm
Category-V @ 4,500 / 10 sec
Fun'tastic' Mon 6pm-6.30pm
Mini Movie Mon-Thu 5pm-6pm
Morning News All Days 7am-7.30am
Navvul Navvul Fri 10.30pm-11pm
New Cinema Spl Sat 11.30am-12Nn
Prog.on New Movie (w.e.f. 02.03.08) Sun 10.30am-11am
Raaga Tue 6pm-6.30pm
Raagala Pallakilo Sat 11am-11.30am
Sun Night Films Sun 10:30pm onwards
Sweet & Salt Sat 3.30pm-4pm
Vadina.. Adee Sangathi Fri 6pm-6.30pm
Vidhi (return) Mon-Fri 12Nn-12.30Nn
Vodafone Jhumandi Naadam(Repeat) Sun 11am-12pm
Category-VI @ 3000 / 10 sec
 Aaradhana (Devo.Prg)  All Days 6am - 6.30am
Bhakti Geethalu(Devo.Prg.) All Days 5.30am-6am
Eenadu Saragalu Mon-Fri 3am--5.30am Sat 2.30am-5.30am Sun 2am-5.30am
Emandee Scene Marindi Wen 6pm-6.30pm
Filmbased Prog. Sat 8.30am-am
Movie Mirichi Mon-Fri 11pm-11.30pm
New Film Songs Sat 12.30am-2.30am
Priyamaina Neeku Mon-Fri 7.30am-7.55am, Sat7.30am-8.30am,Sun 7.30am-8am
Show Reel Sat10am-10.30am
Star tho Sarada Sun 8am-9am
Sumanoharalu Sun3.15pm-3.45pm
Talk Time Fri 5pm-6pm
Bandham(Repeat) Mon-Fri 12.30pm-1am
tarangini Mon-Fri 1am-1.30am
Prema Mandiram(Repeat) Mon-Fri1.30am-2am
Intintiko Katha(Repeat) Mon-Fri 2am-2.30am
Sireesha(Repeat) Mon-Fri 2.30am-3am
Tollowood Time Mon-Fri 8am-8.45am &Sat 9.15am - 10am
Note 1: Programs, Timings & Tariff subject to change, Special rates for special telecast & special movies.
Note 2: Please check with our branches before finalizing the deals.
Note 3: The Programme "Annadata" is Rs.9500/10 Secs
As on: 01-01-2008
*** New Program (Yet to Commence) ## Change in telecast / timings 
* Change in Category $$ Retelecast
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