8 New Editions
Eenadu has Launched Eight new editions
With Eight new printing centres in Mahaboobnagar, Ongole, Khammam, Nizamabad (all in AP), Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi.Eenadu ensures that the Telugu reader in these places will now receive the latest news at the crack of dawn. With a special focus on local news coverage.
Mechanical Details                                                     W.e.f. 1-11-2005

Mechanical Details

Main Issue


Appointment Multiple
of 2 Columns

Col Height 53 cms 53 cms
Cols to a Page 8 cols 10 cols
Col Width
1 Col
2 Cols
3 Cols
4 Cols
5 Cols
6 Cols
7 Cols
8 Cols
10 Cols
4.0 cms
8.0 cms
12.0 cms
16.0 cms
21.0 cms
25.0 cms
29.0 cms
33.0 cms

7.0 cms

14.0 cms

21.0 cms

27.0 cms
33.0 cms
Sizes of the advertisements in the Release Orders or any other 
    communication have to be given as width in Cms X Height in Columns as 
    the rates given are "Per Sq.Cm"

2. Regular Advertisements
    Minimum width of the advertisement should be 4 Cms. Maximum is 33 
    Cms. Decimals are not accepted. If width of an advertisement is 29 Cms 
    or more it will be billed for 33 Cms.

    Minimum acceptable size is 4 Cms in width X 2 Cms in Height = 
    8 Sq.Cms.

3. Appointment Advertisements
    For appointment advertisements standard column width mentioned   
    above will apply.
    Advertisements are accepted in multiples of 2 Columns only.

    Minimum acceptable size is 7 Cms. in width X 3 Cms in height = 
    21 Sq.Cms


No.of Columns Display Classified Display
Column Height 33 cms 33cms
Column Width 6 Cols 8 Cols
Column Width    
1 Column  4.0 Cms 3.0 Cms
2 Column 8.3 Cms 6.2 Cms
3 Column 12.6 Cms 9.4 Cms
4 Column 16.9 Cms 12.6 Cms
5 Column 21.2 Cms 15.8 Cms
6 Column 25.5 Cms 19.0 Cms
7 Column ---- 22.2 Cms
8 Column ---- 25.5 Cms


Overall Size 28 cms 35cms
Print Area 25.5 cms 33 cms
Centre Spread-Overall Size 56 cms 35 cms
Centre Spread-Print Area 53 cms 33 cms
Front Page (Only Colour) Sizes Accepted are:
Width Height
25.5 cms (6 Cols) 8 cms
16.9 cms (4 Cols) 8 cms
12.6 cms (3 Cols) 8 cms and
8.3 cms (2 Cols) 8 cms Only
1. Sizes of the advertisements in the Release Orders are any other 
    communication have to be given as width in Cms X Height in Cms as the 
    rates from 1-11-2005 are "Per Sq.Cm".
2. Advertisements are accepted for the district edition only in the standard 
   column widths mentioned above
3. Where Sq.Cm to be billed (width in Cms X height in Cms) is in decimals the 
   bill is raised at the applicable rate to the exact decimal.
Material Required:
One Set of material is required for all Districts covered by one Main Edition. If the Districts released spread to more than one Main Edition, that many extra number of material also has to be supplied by the advertiser.
» Black & White - CD/Floppy with print out / Artwork / Artpulls / Positives.
 » Colour   - CD / Floppy  with printout / Positives and Progressive Proofs.
                - Progressive Proofs should be on standard newsprint.

SCREEN:                             B & W 85 LPI                          Colour 100 LPI

    A) If an advertisement is released in more than one district, 25% discount  
        on the rate of every additional district is offered. All the advertisements 
        must be on the same Release Order. Scheduled for the same date and 
        should be of the same size. In case the advertiser is not located in any 
        one of the district for which the ad is scheduled, the district with the 
        highest rate will be changed full rate and others at 25% discount.
    B) For advertisement scheduled for Hyderabad City + R.R. District, 
        Hyderabad City will be billed at full rate and 25% second District Discount 
        will be given only on R.R. District rate notwithstanding whether client's 
        native District is Hyderabad City or R.R. District.
    C) Film Advertisements: 25% Discount on the regular tariff is applicable 
        for Film theatre openings. Film actors Birthday greeting Ads. (Spl. offer   
        under 1(a) & 1 (b) will not apply seperately).
Eenadu offers advertisers and clients on ad free for every five ads of the same size, same client and same dist./ city booked on the same Release Order, provided all teh six insertions are scheduled to appear within a period of 50 days.
Note: 1) Above 'Special Offer' are applicable only for Legal/Commercial 
              category and not for any other category of advertisers.
         2) The benefit under the above 'Special Offers' will be extended only if 
             the advertiser claims for the same in their Release Order itself at the 
             time of issuing the advertisement.
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