8 New Editions
Eenadu has Launched Eight new editions
With Eight new printing centres in Mahaboobnagar, Ongole, Khammam, Nizamabad (all in AP), Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Delhi.Eenadu ensures that the Telugu reader in these places will now receive the latest news at the crack of dawn. With a special focus on local news coverage.
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Terms & Conditions
1. The Charges for all advertisements are to be paid in advance expect in the case of approved accounts.
2(a)  i) The deadlines for receipt of material for publication, are as follows:
For advertisements scheduled in the Main Section or District Pages: 3 days prior to date of insertion.
ii) For Colour Ads/Front Page: 10 days in advance. For Vasundhara (Women's Page): 5 days in advance.
iii) For advertisements scheduled in Eenadu Weekends/Newstimes Weekend magazines: 3 weeks before the date of issue.
(b) Material required for colour advertisements: 12 sets of positives with progressive proofs on Standard Newsprint to be supplied by the advertiser. If scanning has to be done by us, additional charges (at our rates) will be billed and scanning will be done at the advertiser's risk. No claims for poor reproduction will be entertained.
(c) Material for B & W Ads: 12 sets of positives. If the positives are to be made by us, additional charges at our rates will be billed.
(d) Translation charges are extra. Rates can obtained from our office on request.
While these are the deadlines for receipt of material, instructions should be sent well in advance, with the availability of space preferably confirmed by us.
(e) Used material will be kept with us for a maximum period of 2 months. Beyond this period, material will be destroyed.
The deadline for Cancellation instructions are as follows:
(a) For advertisements scheduled in the Main section or District Pages in ordinary position; 3 days prior to date of insertion.
(b) For advertisements scheduled in Eenadu Weekend/Newstime Weekend magazines; 15 days in advance of the issue. For advertisements in Vasundhara; 5 days in advance.
(c) For Front Page/Special Position advertisements and Ear Panel advertisements, Cancellation notice will be entertained provided we have an alternate booking, failing which space booked will be billed for. Therefore make reservations/bookings for confirmed schedules only.
3. While every endeavour will be made by the management to avoid publication of competitive advertisements in close proximity to each other, no guarantee can be given in this respect nor will claims be entertained for free insertions in the event of advertisements of rival products appearing on the same page/issue or facing page.
4. Due care is taken that advertisements shall, as far as possible, appear on the dates specified. But no guarantee is implied in the acceptance of an order and management will not accept any liability if any advertisement is published on days other than those desired.
5. Advertisement matter received in English will be translated and published in Telugu in Eenadu unless asked to be published in English. While due care will be taken in translating the English matter no responsibility will be undertaken for any possible change of meaning in the translated text. Proper nouns and technical words will be translated to the nearest meaning.
6. If the order covers all the editions, every effort will be made to publish the advertisement in all the editions. The management shall not be liable if any insertion is missed or delayed in any one or more editions due to circumstances beyond their control. The management shall bill such an insertion at the combined edition rate and issue credit note for the edition/s in which the advertisement/s was missed to be published at the rate of 1/12th per edition (of the combined rate). However, if the Advertiser cancels the advertisement in one or more editions,
the bill will be raised at the individual edition rates for the published editions.
7. The management accepts no liability for any loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the printing or omission to insert any advertisement, or for any damage or loss of art works, artpulls, or other material supplied for the purpose of advertising. Material supplied should be collected within 15 days from the date of insertion.
8. (a) The management reserves the right to decline publication of copy/illustrations which in their opinion would disfigure or damage the reputation of the paper of prejudice other advertisements and also to refuse or suspend publication of an advertisement at any stage and under any conditions without assigning reasons.
(b) No advertisement will be accepted which offends the Provisions of the Drugs & Magic Remedies (objectionable Ads) Act 1954, the Emblems and Names Act (Prevention of improper use) Acts1950. The Prohibition Act of various States RBI Rules & Regulations, Prize Competitions Act and any relevant Acts that are in vogue. Also per se defamatory Ads (Containing derogatory/offensive language) and Appointment Ads of Private Institutions asking application money are not accepted.
9. The management reserves the right to place the advertisements in any page of any of its sections. No particular page or position will be guaranteed for any advertisement, unless extra charge is paid for the same.
10. If advertisements released in colour or special positions with premium are published in B & W or ordinary positions, charges have to be paid at the applicable rates and premiums as Published. 
11. Advertisements exceeding 49cms. in height will be charged for as a full col. i.e 53 Cms. in the case of the District Newspaper, advertisements exceeding 29 Cms. will be billed for the full column i.e. 33Cms.
12. If an advertisement is scheduled in different sizes in different editions, common space will be billed at combined editions rate and additional space used in other editions will be billed at respective edition rates. This clause is also applicable to Eenadu/Newstime combination of different sizes.
13. Due care will be taken to ensure good reproduction. However, the management accepts no responsibility for faulty printing due to defective material supplied or due to circumstances beyond their control and no claims will be entertained for free repeat insertions.
14. The management shall be at liberty to revise the advertisement rates for their publications without any prior notice to the Advertisers/Advertising Agencies. Prevailing Rates on date of insertion will be applicable.
15. Where credit has been allowed, bills have to be paid strictly by the due date, failing which interest will be charged at 24% p.a. from the date of bills till date of payment.
16. All bills with supporting vouchers will be submitted to the Agencies/Advertisers before the 15th of the following month. Any complaint concerning any bill/voucher cutting will not be entertained unless reported in writing within 15 days of its receipt. On the receipt of such a complaint the matter will be investigated and if considered necessary in the opinion of the management, the same will be rectified. However, the tendency of any such disputed complaint will not be regarded as a sufficient reason or ground for the non payment of bills. If the Agencies/Advertisers fail to pay the bills within the time stipulated or to comply with the terms and conditions in the tariff cards, the management will be at liberty to suspend publication of the advertisements given by the said Agencies/Advertisers without any notice.
17. The agency and or the Advertiser hereby indemnify Ushodaya Enterprises Limited, the proprietors of Eenadu/Newstime and its employees against all actions, demands, losses, costs, charges, expenses, damages, etc.,Which Ushodaya Enterprises Limited and/or any of its employees may incur or that
may arise by reason of the publication of any advertisement on behalf of the Agency and/or the Advertiser.
18. The placing of an order for the insertion of an advertisement shall amount to an acceptance of the above conditions and no separate acceptance of these conditions is necessary. Conditions stipulated on an Agency's/Advertiser's order form or elsewhere by an Agency/Advertiser shall be void so far as they are in conflict with these conditions. The other conditions, if any, in the order forms etc. will not become enforceable unless specifically accepted by the management.
(a) Tear sheets will be supplied only for the parent editions. Tear sheets will not be supplied for the satellite editions.
(b) No tear sheets will be supplied for the classified advertisements including pellipandiri.
(c) Main Edition advts. transferred to District Newspapers, only one District Edition tear sheet will be supplied with the bill.
20. These Terms & Conditions overrule all earlier Terms & Conditions mentioned in our previous
rate cards.
21. Only the courts at Hyderabad shall have jurisdiction in case of any dispute or any legal proceedings.

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